Property Tax Payment Information

Real Property and Personal Property Tax Payment

The township, village, cities (known as local) treasurers mail the real and personal property tax bills in early-mid December each year. 

Personal Property taxes are paid in full by January 31st unless the installment option is indicated on the tax bill. All postponed and delinquent personal property bills are collected by the local treasurers. 

There are two options for paying real property (real estate) taxes:

  1.  If you choose to pay your taxes in full, payment is due by January 31st.
    1. There are two local treasurers that will collect their own payments made before January 31st. Those towns include: Nasewaupee & Union. 
  2.  If you choose to pay your taxes in two installments, the first installment is due to the treasurer by January 31st, and the 2nd installment is due by July 31st.
    1. If either installment is late, the tax becomes delinquent with interest and penalty being charged at a rate of 1.5% per month as of February 1st. 
    2. Payments that are mailed: must be postmarked no later than the payment due date. 
    3. Payments that are hand delivered must be to the proper treasurer by the due date.

Door County does have the ability to take online payments for taxes, keeping in mind that there will be an additional fee to do so. The fees are as follows:

Point & Pay Credit Card Tax Payment Processing

Credit/Debit Card             2.39% (per $1,000 of tax)

VISA (only) Debit Card    $3.95 (Flat Rate)

Electronic Check               $1.50 (Flat Rate)

Click here to submit an online payment. 

2024 Guide for Property Owners

This guide is provided by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to help property owners understand all aspects of the assessment and taxation process.